About me


Franciska Fedde en NiskaI am Franciska de Vries, a soil and ecosystem ecologist. I am interested in how plants and soil organisms interact, and how incredibly important these interactions are for everything.

This blog is about the science I do, the science I find interesting, and the science that I think everyone should know about. It is about being a female academic, and about the joys and struggles that that brings. It is also, a lot, about women in science, and about combining keeping two small children alive with a career in academia. Occasionally, I just like to rant.


1 thought on “About me

  1. Hi Franciska, Didn’t know about this list but I fully endorse that their is a need to support women in soil science. Just want to send a “hello” from Sweden to the U.K. Best wishes ANKE P.S. I just provided my details for the list 🙂

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