Women in soil science

View/ download: List of women in soil science.

Women are still a minority in soil science and related fields. However, their representation at conferences as keynote speakers, on editorial boards, as reviewers, and on grant funding panels, is even worse (see my blogpost about this issue). Therefore, following the format of the list of women in microbiome research, I have decided to compile a list of women in soil science (this includes any field related to or overlapping with soil science: soil ecology, soil physics, soil biogeochemistry, soil biology, plant-soil interactions, agronomy….). The list is intended to form a resource for conference organisers, funders, and journal editors – anyone who is looking for keynote speakers or wants to appoint soil scientists to boards or panels. So that there really is no excuse anymore not to have a fair representation of women!

If you would like to be added to the list, or if you think someone should be on the list, please complete the form at the bottom of the page. Note that because this list is primarily intended to provide a resource to find conference keynote speakers, women on the list should preferably be at faculty-level  (i.e. lecturer/ assistant professor level or above).

Before you enter yourself or someone else on the list, please read these points:

  1. Are you an undergraduate or postgraduate student? Then the list is not yet for you – it is aimed to provide a resource for conference organisers, funders, and editors to find keynote speakers, committee members, or editorial board members.
  2. Are you a postdoc? Then you can be on the list but please give an url with evidence of track record/ achievements/ skills.
  3. If you enter yourself or someone else, give as much information as possible, but certainly enough for conference organisers, funders, and editors to judge whether you would be suitable for what they are looking for.
  4. I am validating entries on this list manually – so it really helps if you enter a faculty website, ResearchGate, or LinkedIn address.